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adding item to contextual menu

edited March 2014 in Framework

I would like to add an item to the sidebar member menu.

Probably to change /apps/users/handlers/sidebar.php and /apps/users/views/sidebar.html is not the right thing.

How can I do?



  • What I do is copy those files to a new handler in my own app, e.g., apps/myapp/handlers/user/sidebar.php and apps/myapp/views/user/sidebar.html.

    Then edit the handler to update the template reference to be myapp/user/sidebar and edit as needed.

    To add it to the Dynamic Objects menu so it's easy to include in a block, create a conf/embed.php file for your custom app like this:

    ; <?php /*
    label = "My App: User Sidebar"
    icon = user
    ; */ ?>

    Let me know how that works.

  • Yes, it works perfectly.


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