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Form Builder App date field with calendar select problem

edited March 2014 in Apps

Hi, i've Form Builder app as my contact page form, everyting is OK, no errors, but when i want to select date field, calendar window appear after footer section > image here > Thank You


  • It looks like this was being caused by a compatibility issue between the jQuery Tools library and jQuery 1.8+. I just pushed an update to Github that should fix it.

  • Thank You JB, fantastico!

  • Some CMS use this free CDN for javascripts >

    really cooL idea for static content ;)

  • I hadn't heard of that CDN before, I'll check them out!

    I tend to keep scripts and stylesheets local to the site in case of network issues, and in case someone wants to run it on a private network, but I would like to make more improvements to the js/css compiling in a future release :)

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