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Filebrowser options

edited February 2014 in Framework

I think I saw a list of filebrowser options somewhere, but I'm not finding it again. Can you point me in the right direction?

I want to use the multi-image dialog to let the user upload and delete images but not to change directory, so I want to omit the drop-down path selector.


  • That's only a partial list. I found the complete list, I believe. It's at line 209 of apps/filemanager/ js/jquery.filebrowser.js

    However, I don't see an option not to show the dropdown list. Is there one?

  • You're right, the docs are a bit out of date with the options. There isn't an option to hide the dropdown currently, although it looks like it won't be hard to add (and would be a useful option!), but for now you could also try hiding it via CSS:

    #filebrowser-dirs { display: none !important; }
  • Thanks, that'll work for now. I don't suppose there's a way to pass a list of the images to show, is there? It's a shared folder but I only want user to see files they uploaded. (I may need to rethink the architecture...)

  • It might be better to limit each user to their own folder. You could do something like this to section them out:

    $folder = 'files/photos/' . User::val ('id');
    if (! is_dir ($folder)) {
        mkdir ($folder);
  • Yeah, that's better on the back end, but on the front end I'm showing all the images using the filemanager gallery. Can I pass a path like files/photos/*/ to the gallery?

  • How many images is it going to be showing roughly? There is an is_dir() check in filemanager/gallery, so it won't allow * in paths directly, but you could duplicate it to your own handler and customize it from there. The file list is fetched via glob() so a * could work with very little change.

    It can also accept a list of files themselves, so another solution would be to glob() the file list then pass it to filemanager/gallery like this:

    $files = glob ('files/photos/*/*.{jpg,jpeg,gif,png,JPG,JPEG,GIF,PNG}', GLOB_BRACE);
    $files = is_array ($files) ? $files : array ();
    echo $this->run ('filemanager/gallery', array ('files' => $files));
  • I'm not sure how many. Not too many though (less than 20, I think).

    I think I'll just glob the file list and pass it to the gallery. Thanks for the help!

  • I found I had to remove files/ from the beginning of each file before I called {! filemanager/gallery !} in my view, but otherwise it works great.

    Is there a next/previous slider function built into the gallery by any chance? screenshot

  • Ah yes, it assumes files/ isn't part of the file paths. I forget these things sometimes :P

    The built-in gallery doesn't have slider controls (the filemanager/slideshow handler does, but it's really just a single possible case of how someone might use the jQuery cycle plugin).

    For more complicated galleries or slideshows, your best bet is to use these as a starting point and extend from there.

  • Okey-dokey. Any suggestions on extending? Look for a library? The filemanager gallery is close to what I need; it just doesn't have the arrow buttons.

  • I would just duplicate the filemanager/gallery handler and view templates (most likely apps/filemanager/views/gallery/embedded.html), and add the previous/next links like this:

  • Holy sheet! You are fricking awesome, do you know that?

  • Haha sometimes it's easier to type what I'm thinking in code ;) Glad it helps!

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