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Rest API Nested Resources

edited December 2013 in Framework

As far as I can tell, there is no support for nested resources in the provided rest api classes... @jbroadway, do you have something in mind for implementing this?



  • edited December 2013

    While I am at it... how do I pull the current Users id/name from a post_apicall() function.

    public function post_article(){
      User::val('id'); // This is always equal to null, even though I have a logged in user
  • Since the routing will get matched to your get_article() method, for now you'll have to check for the additional parameters in that method and pass them along:

    public function get_article ($id, $comment = null, $comment_id = null) {
        if ($comment == 'comment' && $comment_id) {
            return $this->article_comments ($id, $comment_id);
        // party on, wayne

    As for User::val(), those values won't be set until the session is initialized by a call to User::is_valid() or User::require_login().

  • Glad to know that I solved it the correct way, I was just hoping for something a bit cleaner.


  • Huh. The user stuff still isn't working. I am probably missing something easy.

  • Hmm, that's strange. Here's a simplified version that seems to work for me:

    namespace test;
    use User, Restful;
    class API extends Restful {
        public function get_loginrequired () {
            if (! User::is_valid ()) {
                return $this->error ('Must be logged in.');
            return User::val ('name');

    I threw that into apps/test/lib/API.php and called it in apps/test/handlers/api.php like this:

    <?php $this->restful (new test\API); ?>

    Heading to /test/api/loginrequired gave me the error, then my name when I was logged in afterward. Let me know if that works for you, or helps sort out what's not working.

  • Thinking about more complex routing for things like nested resources, what if we added something like this:

    namespace myapp;
    class API extends \Restful {
        public $custom_routes = array (
            'GET article/%d/comment/%d' => 'article_comment',
            'POST article/%d/comment' => 'post_article_comment',
            'ALL article/%d/author' => 'article_author'
        public function article_comment ($article_id, $comment_id) {}   
        public function post_article_comment ($article_id) {}
        public function article_author ($article_id) {}

    Which should be easy enough to implement, and if $custom_routes isn't defined it would just use the default behaviour. The %d markers could be converted to their regex equivalents, and some regex support could be had in the routing as well.

    What do you think?

  • edited December 2013

    I didn't declare the namespaces... That is probably where I messed up. I'll give that a shot tomorrow.

    Custom routing would definitely be nice, while I think you want to keep elefant clean, it's the feature I miss the most that other frameworks have solid support for.

  • Just committed a basic implementation of the custom routes:

    Let me know what you think! :)

  • Code looks like what you were talking about, I will give it a try later today.

  • I just realized the HTTPShell App doesn't seem to work with the authentication. Thus why my GET requests were working from my browser, however POST was not through the HTTPShell App.

  • Does it work if you add the username and password parameters to the POST request? It'll re-authenticate on each request, but should get past the User::is_valid()'s.

    Would be handy if the shell could remember the cookie though, so I added an issue on github for that:

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