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No results for query ()->count () when ordering by derived columns

edited December 2013 in Framework

I couldn't figure out why pagination wasn't working when sorting but it seems to have to do with sorting by derived columns. This produces no result for query ()->count ():

select subcategories.*, (SELECT name FROM categories WHERE id=subcategories.category_id) AS category from `subcategories` order by category limit 20 offset 0

(category is not a column in the subcategories table.)

But this does produce a count ():

select subcategories.*, (SELECT name FROM categories WHERE id=subcategories.category_id) AS category from `subcategories` order by category_id limit 20 offset 0

(category_id is a column in the subcategories table.)


  • I'm confused... :P

  • edited December 2013

    Sorry about that. I'll try to elaborate. I'm starting with the crud-app generated admin handler and view. I've tweaked it to

    // Fetch the items and total items
    $query = subcategories\Subcategory::query (
        (SELECT name FROM categories WHERE id=subcategories.category_id) AS category');
    $query->order ($sort);
    $items = $query->fetch ($limit, $offset);
    $total = $query->count ();

    However, I noticed the pagination by numbers wasn't working for some sorts. It turns out that $total = '' if $sort = 'category', but $total gives the actual total if $sort = 'category_id'.

  • It sounds like the query may not be able to be sorted by the virtual category column. For a total however, you don't need an ORDER BY query, you can simply say:

    $total = subcategories\Subcategory::query ()->count ();

    It only needs to be limited by WHERE clauses, since those would reduce the number of results. I usually do my total count as a separate query entirely for this reason.

    For the pager, if you add the ?order=category_id to the url parameter, that ought to work. For example, I generated a "Categories" app with sorting by name or order_by fields here:

    Let me know if that helps get it working.

  • edited December 2013

    Yeah, I am using WHERE clauses; I left them out for the sake of simplicity.

    The query sorts fine by category; it just doesn't return a count (). Looking at lib/Model.php, I think that's because the count () function replaces $this->query_fields with count(*), so it generates a column not found error because of the order by category clause.

    Screenshot ordered by category (Error message, pagination not right.)

    Screenshot ordered by category_id (No error, pagination works.)

    It sounds like the easiest thing to do is generate a separate query for count ()

    BTW, I'd like to add sortable columns and search functionality to the admin screen for the crud-apps that elefant generates. Are there templates to modify, or how would I do that?

  • Ah that makes sense to me now. Sounds like a separate count query should solve that.

    To add to the CRUD app generator, take a look in apps/cli. It's generated by apps/cli/handlers/crud-app.php and the templates are all in apps/cli/views/crud-app/. Sortable columns would make a nice addition to the CRUD output, and are something I'd like to add to Elefant's built-in tables too at some point.

  • OK, will do. I've been making the column headings clickable (once for ascending, twice for descending), which is slightly different, I think, than how you did it here: Do you have any objections in principle?

    Back to count (): since the problem is with the ORDER BY clause, it seems to work to unset $query->query_order like so:

    $items = $query->fetch ($limit, $offset);
    unset ($query->query_order);
    $total = $query->count ();


  • I prefer clickable column headings as well. I only made them separate for quickly mocking it up :)

    For the query_order, I would set it to an empty string instead of unsetting it since that's its default value, but it should work either way. Otherwise that looks good to me!

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