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Multilingual blog

edited August 2013 in Apps

I created multilingual pages and blocks without can also create a multilingual blog. thanks


  • The blog is a single stream of posts, so it can't serve the same post in multiple languages, but separate posts can be in different languages.

    You can also override the built-in functionality with your own code to create a custom blog page. Here are the steps to do this:

    1. Copy apps/blog/handlers/index.php into a new file like apps/sitename/handlers/blogindex.php so you can edit it without having to change the original code.

    2. Edit the file apps/blog/conf/config.php and change the setting blog/index = blog/index to say blog/index = sitename/blogindex. This is in the [Custom Handlers] section.

    3. In your new blogindex.php, remove these lines:

    // Check for a custom handler override
    $res = $this->override ('blog/index');
    if ($res) { echo $res; return; }

    And change theses line:

    $posts = $p->latest ($page->limit, $page->offset);
    $page->count = $p->query ()->where ('published', 'yes')->count ();

    To this:

    $posts = $p->tagged ($i18n->language, $page->limit, $page->offset);
    $page->count = $p->count_by_tag ($i18n->language);

    Now the blog page should only show posts that have the current language code as a tag (e.g., fr or es).

    Let me know if that works!

  • That's great, I changed the path in blogindex.php : $post->url = '/blog/post/' . $post->id . '/' . URLify::filter ($post->title); to: $post->url = '/en/blog/post/' . $post->id . '/' . URLify::filter ($post->title); and works great! Thank you very much Johnny

  • Glad it worked! :)

  • Hi, I have a problem with the blog when I choose the English language, for example: English > Blog > Welcome post, I am redirected to the Italian language, you can solve this problem? My website:


  • Nice site. What did you use for the slider?

  • It looks like you need to make sure all the URLs in your modified blog handlers and views are using $i18n->language (or {{i18n.language}} in the views) as a URL prefix.

  • Ok solved I used i18n.language {{}} in views. Thanks

    @ twheel: for the parallax I used FlexSlider and Modernizer Download Builder.

  • Awesome! And that is a cool slider effect :)

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