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Validation configuration question

edited August 2013 in Apps

I noticed that in / forms / add.pp (edit.php etc.) change not empty = 1 to not empty = 0 has no effect and you have to comment or delete it to disable the validation.

Is this by design?


  • For some of the validation rules, the left side contains the whole expression, but the right side still needs something there for it to be valid INI format. In this case not empty is the whole expression, but an = x is needed so I just use = 1.

    The opposite of not empty = 1 would just be empty = 1 (meaning the field must be empty, which can be handy for hidden fields to fool spambots... :), or just commenting it out via ;not empty = 1 with a semicolon.

  • I get it. Thank you.

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