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Relationship model and subqueries

edited August 2013 in Framework

I've been exploring has_many, belongs_to, many_many, etc. relations and it's very slick and easy to use once you get it set up.

Here's my question. I have a products table and a reviews table in addition to the elefant_user table. From the product page, I want to be able to show all reviews and the name of the reviewer, but reviewer name comes from elefant_user, not reviews.

I have defined products -> has_many reviews and elefant_user -> has_many reviews. On the products page, while looping through the reviews, what's the best way to get the reviewer's name?

Pre-elefant I would have used a subquery like SELECT reviews.*, (SELECT userdata FROM elefant_user WHERE reviews.user_id = AS userdata ...


  • edited August 2013

    Another question: is it possible to specify limitations in the $fields array for the relationship or when getting the results? (ie where approved=true)

  • If you want to fetch the field along with the reviews data, you're probably better off writing a custom method to your model, since the relations are fairly simplistic and don't support that. I'm afraid they don't support additional clauses for things like where approved=true yet either...

  • OK, thanks and no problem.

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