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Error upon adding a stylesheet

edited August 2013 in Design

apps/designer/handlers/add/stylesheet.php throws an error if there's not a matching layout. I have debugging turned on; I guess otherwise the @ would cause line 16 to silently fail.

ErrorException: chmod(): No such file or directory
chmod ("layouts/cds.html", 438)

16 /path/to/apps/designer/handlers/add/stylesheet.php

14.     if (@file_put_contents ('css/' . $_POST['name'] . '.css', $_POST['body'])) {
15.         $this->add_notification (__ ('Stylesheet added.'));
16.         @chmod ('layouts/' . $_POST['name'] . '.html', 0666);
17.         $this->redirect ('/designer');
18.     }

I'm not sure why adding a stylesheet necessitates chmodding a layout, though.


  • I believe that should be .css on line 16. Let me know if that fixes it and I'll push the fix.

  • The line should probably be:

    @chmod ('css/' . $_POST['name'] . '.css', 0666);
  • That makes more sense!

  • Just pushed the fix to Github. Thanks for catching that!

  • You're welcome. I'm working with someone else on this site so I'm trying to run things through elefant -- that's why I didn't create the stylesheet in a text editor like normal.

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