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FileManager Integration

edited May 2012 in Announcements

What is the proper way to add the filemanager field to a new model/form?

I am working on a simple paypal cart implementation, I need to add a product image field to the CRUD forms, just wondering what your method is for that.


  • I'm not 100% sure actually. I'll try some things out tomorrow and see what works. The file dialog is a plugin for the jwysiwyg editor, so likely you can load the wysiwyg editor scripts and then call the plugin directly after that.

    I was thinking of writing a new file manager plugin that wasn't so closely tied to jwysiwyg so it could be used in other places more easily, but haven't decided if it's worth it yet. If its easy enough to use the existing one outside of the editor then it's probably fine to stay as is.

  • Couldn't sleep so I got to trying it out... Looks like this is all it takes:


  • Awesome, Thanks!

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