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About a dedicated admin interface

edited August 2013 in Future

I recall that we had touched on the need for having a dedicated admin interface, just as on other popular CMSs. What's the current thinking on this?


  • I'm thinking of two things for this:

    1. Modifying the tools menu to span multiple columns as more apps are installed.

    2. Extending the admin toolbar with an expandable/collapsible area for configurable icon-like "widgets".

    Widgets would include things as simple as a persistent "Add Page" button to a sparkline graph from the Analytics app showing this week's traffic stats.

    They will be written just like any other handlers, and configurable similar to how handlers are added to the Dynamic Objects menu. The set of widgets shown could be configured on a per-admin basis.

    This would be instead of a full screen admin interface, and I think we can do better with this both in terms of ease-of-use and power. I'll try to mock something up when I have more time (and less on the todo list ;), but that's a rough description of what I'm picturing.

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