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[Blog] WebSockets: Using Ratchet with Elefant

edited June 2013 in Announcements

It's been a while since I've made a new blog post, but here's a quick tutorial on setting up Ratchet to support WebSockets in Elefant!


  • I saw more and more people use Composer to manage their scripts. It's great. But if my site is on a shared host, I can't use command line at all. If there is a script used to call commands from web ui, this would be nice :-)

  • You can also run Composer on your desktop, then upload the files after. I do it that way myself :)

  • edited July 2013


    Is this the first step towards creating a liveblogging (real-time) app similar to ScribbleLive for eCMS? I hope it is, because it will be a killer-feature. No other free platform that I know has one.

  • @finid, it certainly could be a starting point to building one :)

  • Wanna commit to it?

  • I wouldn't be able to take a stab at it for a while myself, but someone else is always free to jump in.

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