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Forum spam issues

edited June 2013 in Announcements

Hey guys,

Just a quick update about spam on this forum. I know it's been getting worse lately, and I'm looking at solutions. There's one add-on to the forum software that will likely help, but isn't supported on the version we're on. So I spent an afternoon trying to upgrade the current forum software so I could enable that add-on, but unfortunately updating between minor point releases still broke everything. Annoying.

Switching forum software will almost certainly mean everyone has to register all over again, so I'd like to avoid that unless it provides a definite improvement. I've also considered just writing a forum app for Elefant, but my time is too limited for that for the next while.

I'll probably take another stab at upgrading the forum, this time using a fresh install and importing the data instead of upgrading the existing forum and see if that works. In the meantime, sorry you guys are seeing so much spam on here.



  • Thanks! Just made you a moderator :)

    Still hoping to solve it with a less hands-on solution as well. Vanilla Forums has and support in the newest version, so hopefully migrating the data over to a fresh install will help too.

  • edited June 2013

    I'd be happy to help out as well. I'm online quite often late at night as I am a bit of a night owl (quite often up during the Australian daytime, even though I live in the US), which seems to be when a lot of the spam occurs.

  • Awesome, thanks! Just made you a moderator as well :)

  • If you flag a post, that records the user who posted it as well right?

  • Well...there you go...someone to ban right there. Its getting a little annoying these days all the spammers and bots out there.

  • edited August 2013

    Hey, just noticed that I'm a moderator. (evil grin)

  • I've closed membership again, since spammers were now taking the step of validating their emails too. I'm going to look for alternatives to Vanilla Forums next week, because their spam prevention is apparently useless...

  • Well, can you really prevent human spammers?

    I don't see how any other app can prevent those pesky human spammers, unless we find one that has post moderation built-in.

  • Probably not, but we can certainly make it easier to maintain a clean forum. For example, deleting a single user in Vanilla takes 3 clicks/page loads, and there's no ability to delete multiple spammer accounts at a time.

    I've also found it buggy (one bug was what was letting so many spammers register because its email verification wasn't actually stopping new accounts from posting first) and error-prone to upgrade.

    The spam prevention plugins also don't seem to really catch very much as far as I can tell... So I think even if it won't be perfect, we can still do much better :)

  • Perhaps we should start thinking of upgrading elefantCMS to a complete publishing platform - traditional site, blog, forum.

    And then start eating our own dog food.

  • I wish I had the time to write a forum app at this point, unfortunately I barely have time for much dev at all until the fall.

    If anyone else is up to the challenge though... ;)

  • We can always just personally email you all of our questions J and you can respond :-) No spam involved. lol

  • Unless he'd consider all those emails spam. ;)

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