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blog/add page glitch for custom fields

edited May 2013 in Miscellaneous

On the /blog/add page when selecting an author, click on the add user link, close both open windows, and the custom fields section becomes open, click on it to close, but trying to open it again, it glitches closed right after that.

Screenshot links provided for stepbystep of what was done.

then it just glitches open->closed when clicked on. refreshing the page tempararily clears the issue. and going back to the add user link more than once, it rinses and repeats the glitch but adds an arrow icon each time until the page is refreshed.

If this was a bit too confusing I can try and explain it a bit more.


  • edited May 2013

    Also I would like to know how to create 1 or more custom 404 pages. I'm having trouble finding where that output is coming from.

  • I believe I just found a fix for the custom fields in modal dialogs. It's in the master branch on Github now. I also added a page to the docs with database configuration examples, and added the link to the conf/config.php comments. Here's the link:

    The 404 page is generated by apps/admin/handlers/error.php which can be called like this:

    echo $this->error (404, 'Page not found', '<p>Um, this is awkward. :\</p>');

    You can also specify an alternate error handler in the error_handler setting in conf/config.php if you need more customization.

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    Oh snap, I didn't know you could do more than one database. Sweet!

    Thank you very much for the help!

    Suggestion: In the blog/post handler, could you add a way to have a custom comments handler so you don't have to change the php file or make a whole new handler?

    -Possible solution-

    switch (Appconf::blog ('Blog', 'comments')) {
      case 'disqus':
          echo $this->run ('blog/disqus/comments', $post);
      case 'facebook':
          echo $this->run ('social/facebook/comments', $post);
      case 'custom':
          echo $this->run (Appconf::blog ('Custom Handlers','comments'), $post);

    Side note: I'm working on a tumblr specific feed reader app that has a bit more customization than the standard blog's RSS feed reader. Should be pretty fun. =P

  • Great idea! I just updated the blog app with this, and updated the comments app to work with it now too.

  • Awesome! I have a few other (somewhat ambitious) ideas for the Comments and User apps as well, but I'll prolly keep most those to github since they will be a bit too big for a forum post XP.

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