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New tutorial: Running Elefant on Zend's

edited November 2011 in Documentation

Just finished a tutorial on deploying Elefant on Zend's new cloud hosting platform:

— Johnny


  • edited November 2011

    Hi Johnny,

    Very nice tutorial but I recommend one important change. In section #5, DB settings I recommend you replace the DB credentials with the next parameters:

    get_cfg_var('') get_cfg_var('') get_cfg_var('zend_developer_cloud.db.username') get_cfg_var('zend_developer_cloud.db.password')

    Using parameters will allow you to use your setup with snapshots and cloning without fixing the DB section for each cloned container and have it running out of the box after the clone.

    Boaz - team.

  • Thanks for the tip! Will update the tutorial asap.

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