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Moved from Posterous Group to new discussion forum

edited August 2011 in Announcements
Just finished setting up Vanilla Forums here at as a replacement for the old Posterous Group. Posterous had certain rather annoying limitations, and I think a forum that's more closely linked to the main site is a good thing too.

Please feel free to suggest additional categories or other ways to make this a more useful place to get help and info.




  • Fixed some issues and now login via twitter, facebook, and google are enabled. Mobile version also works.
  • The new forum is a great idea, and it does feel better to have things in one place. Posterous was okay, but didn't feel quite intuitive for a lot of things.

    I am delighted at the fast progress ElefantCMS is making. The login via social networking sites is great to have too and pays appropriate attention to the social networking types.

    I was wondering whether any thought had been given to hierarchy here. That is, parent page, and children. It wouldn't mean a lot of change to the db structure, but would immediately raise Elefant to have the utility of sitellite, as far as I can see. Of course, the navigation would need to be done, but maybe the sitellite nav could fairly easily be ported? Or has that feature been specifically excluded in your thinking?

  • I've been thinking about the best way to add dynamic navigation, and I don't think it's in the pages themselves. It's hard for people to manage hierarchies without seeing them, and changes to individual pages can have side-effects they don't realize while making edits.

    What I'm thinking is that dynamic navigation can be done as a separate but bundled app, say called Navigation. It could use something like to edit the page hierarchy, and then expose dynamic objects to the wysiwyg editor that generate specific types of navigation (top level, sub-section, site map, etc.) so they can be embedded into pages and blocks. This would keep the core simple without compromising functionality.

    Thinking further, it's worth thinking about whether new pages should automatically be added to the top level, or whether they should have to be added manually. That would prevent new pages from potentially changing top-level navigation until they've been added to the tree. This would add a step for users, but it might be better since they'll always know the state of their site, and predictability is important for someone to have confidence in using a piece of software.
  • Yes, I remember we had a visual tree in sitellite version 1, I think. That was quite revolutionary at the time!

    Customers missed it after it disappeared too. But I appreciate that approach wasn't practical. There's drag and drop navigation in Silverstripe, that works well enough, though it is slow and feels heavy. Two stages to publish a page isn't unusual either, so I wouldn't have any concerns there.

  • Haha, that's going way back eh? :)

    I just added a new app to the core called Navigation. It replaces the admin/menu handler, which has been removed, and now provides 4 types of dynamic navigation:

    • Top-level links
    • Section links (a section is any page with children in the tree)
    • Site map
    • Contextual (this works like Sitellite's sitellite/nav/common in that it shows the top level at all times, and the current section opens up to reveal the tree up to the children of the current page)

    Additional ones are pretty easy to write too :)

    On the admin side, it uses 2 columns, the first being the navigation tree (uses jstree for this) and the second lists all public pages that are not yet in the tree. You can drag and drop to arrange the pages.

    Pages that are edited are automatically renamed and deleted pages are automatically removed with their children moving up to the parent of the deleted page, via hooks.

    I've written a bunch of tests in tests/Navigation.php to verify tree manipulations work properly, but wider testing is obviously still needed now, especially of the UI in different browsers.

    After working with it for a day, I think this solves the navigation problem fairly nicely, and avoids the pitfalls of the approach Sitellite took, but I'd love to know what everyone else thinks! :)

  • PS. It's on github now, but not in a proper release yet. I'll probably test a bit more before packaging the next release.

  • That is blooming marvellous!! Fantastic.

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