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Just a thought on symlinks and apps...

edited April 2013 in Apps

So I wanted to test a theory to just see if it would work. I know elefant is baking in a multisite setup now but my main issue is wanting to sync up apps not so much the CMS core files itself. So anyways I took the forms app as an example. I create a core directory on server and then symlinked to the central location of the forms app to within the apps directory for a virtual host. So far it seems to be working out fine. Are there any problems with doing this and has anyone else done this? One huge issue I have came across with developing in WP or any CMS for that matter with plugins/apps is updating those apps. As a developer/host it can be a pain to update multiple apps. I'm hoping this solution will solve it. I tried this in the past with WP but encountered nothing but errors. So I'm mainly wanting to know if this is a bad idea or if it works than it is all good.


  • Symlinking an app ought to work fine, but it sounds like there might be an easier solution. Check out Composer for installing and updating apps. For example, this installs the forms app into the current site at /var/www:

    cd /var/www
    composer.phar require elefant/app-form 1.0.*

    Now to update all installed apps, simply run:

    cd /var/www
    composer.phar update

    Composer has a limitation that it will wipe customizations you've made to the apps during an update, but that's generally discouraged anyway. Instead, you would override any config settings by copying them into a conf/app.form.config.php file, and put any custom PHP into your own app folder, then you should have no trouble.

    Developers looking to hack on an existing app are better off cloning the app with Git, so the limitation is mostly just something to be aware of, not something that should ever affect a site following good practices :)

  • this stuff is just so complicated but you make it appear so simple, kudos! (UK Builders)

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