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Dropdown Menu

edited April 2013 in Apps

I know that there is a dropmenu option for navigation but it isn't producing the desired effect and I'm not "sure" if I should actually edit the handler as I'm assuming that is like editing the WP core and frawned upon. Anyways I am wanting to product a traditional drop down menu out of the navigation like you would find in a form element using select and option tags. Can you advise if this is possible? Thanks.


  • Nevermind. I figured out how to create an app with my own custom handler. I copied the original code and function for navigation/dropmenu and altered accordingly.

  • Is there anykind of function that will only output the page names for a menu? I've tried every combination. I got a working dropdown but it is embedding href links around the page name and inside the option tags.

  • You just want to output the names but not have them link anywhere? For custom navigation requirements, I usually recommend taking one of the existing navigation handlers and duplicating it, which it looks like you've done here. In this case, you'll also need to duplicate the navigation_print_dropmenu function and instead of calling Link::make() you could just output $item->data directly.

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