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grid/form component

edited April 2013 in Apps

I would use a grid/form component similar to these with Elefant+SAASY: jQuery UI, jqGrdid, jqWidgets, KoolPHP...

Is it possible? Does it make sense? Any help or suggestions would be appreciated.


  • If you take a look at the example for setting up a custom theme in Saasy, you can also load scripts here too using:

    $page->add_script ('/apps/myapp/js/jquery-ui.min.js');

    You can also add this line to individual handlers to load scripts for only one screen of your app. The site I'm building using Elefant + Saasy right now includes a variety of JavaScript libraries as well. Hard not to make an app these days that doesn't include a ton of JS ;)

    I'm also using the Assetic app to compile Handlebars templates for client-side rendering. If you need more examples I'm sure I can pull something from the app I'm working on.

  • Thank you. First of all I would like to choose the right solution and suitable for Elefant. Some of these cost a little and I cannot afford to make mistakes. Could you please advise anyone in particular?

  • I'm not familiar with KoolPHP, but both jqGrid and the jqWidgets grid look very capable, and jqGrid's JSON data example looks pretty easy to integrate with Elefant.

    You could even set the PHP from that example up as a RESTful API to keep things tidy.

  • There are a bunch of good grids and there's a lot to like about all of them. In addition to the very nice jqGrid and jqWidgets' jqxgrid, you might want to checkout the Kendo UI web controls grid available as an open source GPLv3 edition. Personally I'm considering both Kendo and jqWidgets, but leaning toward the jqWidgets grid because of its very forgiving semi-commercial license, PHP and Knockout integration, and mobile-friendly design.

  • I too am about to buy one of these. At the moment I'm undecided between jqGrid and jqWidgets, but I'm open to any viable alternative.

    I would be happy to share my budget to buy a license for the Elefant project as recently has been done for the editor.

  • @alpi Well, if there was real money involved that would open things up a bit and include things like the dhtmlx pro grid and related widgets, which is a bit crippled in its open source version. But man, there are so many commercial grid/widget options that it would be pretty hard to pick just one.

    There's a certain appeal to collectively purchasing a commercial version because of the likelihood of continued quality and support. But it would kindof lock us in as a community (says the newbie), and that has both good and bad points. Good because the support for it could be baked in (like Redactor) and we an integrated set of data-aware widgets that could be installed dynamically in the designer would be way cool. Bad if it turned out to not be what most people wanted and they had to rip out the built-in support. Of course this applies to fully open source projects too.

    It's a toughie, and ultimately boils down to what @jbroadway is comfortable with, eh?

  • The trouble will likely be finding one with the right license to be allowed to bundle it. I did a quick scan of Kendo ExtJS, jqxGrid and dhtmlxGrid and none of them offer an OEM license like Redactor does, so we couldn't really do a collective purchase for any of those.

    jqGrid is MIT licensed which is the same as Elefant, so that one could be bundled for free. MIT is just about the least restrictive license you can choose, but it means being careful we don't add restrictions when bundling 3rd party code (no bundling of GPL code for example).

  • If we're serious and MIT is a prerequisite, then w2ui is worth looking at too I think. along with FlexiGrid and SlickGrid (I think that's probably enough for now?)

  • Wow, there are a ton of grid options! I guess whoever builds one of them into an app decides which one gets used ;)

    It would be cool to have more prefab UI components you can reuse. Started documenting the ones we have so far over here.

  • "Started documenting the ones we have so far over here."

    Very helpful, thanks!

  • I'm sorry for the delay but I'm not receiving notifications of replies. I don't have the expertise to choose the best solution so I rely on the "parents" of Elefant and I renew my availability to contribute to the purchase.

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