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Upgrade Notice

edited April 2013 in Miscellaneous

Is there a way to disable the upgrade notice that automatically pops up?


  • There's no setting for it, but you could disable it in a couple ways:

    1. Add a bootstrap.php file to the root of your site that sets the "I've already checked for an update" cookie:

    setcookie ('elefant_update_checked', 1, 0, '/');

    That should prevent the update check from happening.

    2. Duplicate apps/admin/css/admin.css and edit conf/product.php to point to the duplicate stylesheet. In the new file, add this:

    #admin-update-available {
        display: none !important;

    The downside to #2 is that the check will still be performed, but the notice won't display. It shouldn't slow anything down on the page because it will still only check once, and it's an async operation that doesn't block anything else from running, but it does keep the extra step in there.

  • I used the bootstrapped method but the update still shows. So i have switched to the CSS method.

  • To make this easier to disable, I've added a check_for_updates setting to the global config :)

  • Thanks for that. I actually LOVE the thought of having so much control from the conf file. I also don't think use of CSS is bad. In fact it would be nice if more items were marked up with CSS say for instance in the apps. Have a CSS ID or class attached to the add a form link for instance. The paths are so easy to remember I can get to them by memory. That way the client can't go and mess up the forms section for instance. I haven't tried out the new user levels or multisite functionality. I do however like having a single login for sites and controlling access via a conf file. Thanks for all your great work!

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