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E-Commerce (Paypal,

edited April 2012 in Apps

Looking into this elefantcms to build on top of, is there any pre-existing paypal or classes? Also, is anyone working on any simple ecommerce apps?

If not, I'll gladly build them out (I'll need them for what I plan on utilizing this framework for) and share with the community, just checking to see if I had missed anything in the various searches I did.

Thanks, this framework looks quite entertaining with impressive benchmarks! (I'm coming over from Yii)


  • Hey, I've been wanting to build a basic e-commerce/shopping cart app but have not had a chance yet.

    Would love to see what you come up with, and any questions or help you need I'd be happy to help any way I can :)

  • No problem. I have to wrap up this year of school in the next couple of weeks (Yay for Artificial Intelligence projects taking all one's time), but then I'll hopefully be able to throw some time at it.

    What kind of level were you looking at? I was going to go fairly simple, one page (or paginated) products, with organization available on price or name. I wasn't going really even really going to build it as a categorical structure. Everything I am going to use this for is going to be a plug and play for a couple (less than 20) products.

    Thanks for the framework, I've read most of your documentation, looks awesome.

  • I think a core set of model objects and database schema can be key (even just products, categories, orders, and maybe product options), since many e-commerce sites need customization anyway. And I agree that having just simple product listings + product detail pages works well, just enough to be useful for simple use cases, and anything more can be added by others as needed.

    I built a shopping cart years ago for an old CMS project, which started primarily as an API but grew to include quite a bit more functionality than I originally intended. The source and manual for it are here, in case there may be useful ideas in there:

    One thing I think worked well in it was the ability to specify an alternate handler to "override" the ones that came with it (without altering the URLs), so if someone wanted to implement a custom product details page, they could change a setting like this:

    [Custom Handlers]
    product_details = myapp/product

    Then in the code for the default product detail page, it would do something like this:

    if ($appconf['Custom Handlers']['product_details'] !== 'default') {
        // use custom product detail page
        echo $this->run ($appconf['Custom Handlers']['product_details'], $data);
    // carry on with default product detail page

    This was something I carried into a couple parts of Elefant too (see the blog app for a working example).

  • Looks easy enough. I'll probably grab your database schema and work from there. Also, I absolutely love your dynamic object bindings concept.

  • I have a simple paypal cart up up and running, unfortunately for sake of time I used a non open-source script I had previously purchased for running a paypal cart. I contacted the original developer, and he would not allow me to include it in an open-source release. If anyone is interested I will gladly distribute my elefant app base for this minus the script, along with instructions on where to dump purchased script so it would be quite simple.

    I am however in the process of writing a fully open source solution for a simple paypal cart.

  • Sounds cool either way! For $6, his script looks pretty nice and could give people an extra option if they wanted (although a fully open source shopping cart app will be a really awesome addition! :)

  • Was there any progress made on the shopping cart? Is the script available for the elefant version?

  • Not yet, except a small app to integrate the Stripe payments API.

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