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Page title

edited April 2013 in Design

The documentation says page title can be blank, but when I try to save a page with a blank title I get the message "You must enter a page title."

I think it's a good idea not to allow blank titles, and I like it that you can set menu title and window title. Would it make sense to add an option like with blocks to display the page title or not?


  • I should clarify the docs, the title could be unset if you're accessing an app instead of a page and the handler doesn't set the page title. But pages need a title for referencing in the navigation app, wysiwyg editor, etc. otherwise those might look a little rough ;)

    An option to show/hide the title may be useful, although I'm not sure how that would work technically. It might have to just unset the title value in the object if show_title=no, otherwise layouts would need to change to work with it. Hmm...

  • I agree that we need page titles for the back end.

    Good point about layouts, but they may need to change anyways so that we don't end up with empty <h2> (or whatever) tags where the title would have been.

  • Layouts usually write the title as {% if title %}{{ title|none }}{% end %} already, which would work if the admin/page handler just did something like this:

    $page->title = ($page->show_title === 'yes') ? $page->title : '';
  • I'll try it -- thanks.

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