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Installing a theme via designer/installer

edited April 2013 in Design

I'm trying to install but I get the message "Verification failed: No configuration file found." Digging into the code, it looks like apps/designer/lib/ZipInstaller.php is looking for $folder . '/elefant.json'

Should there be an elefant.json with a theme?


  • Ah yes, the theme builder themes are meant to be used as a starting point for developing your own custom themes. Finished themes need a valid elefant.json to be able to be installed through the GUI, to tell Elefant the folder name and theme info, for example:

    Maybe I should add a sample elefant.json to the theme builder files too.

  • edited April 2013

    Ah, I see. I'm starting a new site and I'm trying to do as much as possible through the GUI to see how it works instead of hacking away like last time. ;) Trying to submit pull requests instead of just hacking, too.

    I will take a look at montreal's elefant.json. It will help me bundle up a theme to go with my properties app.

    Responsive_boilerplate puts a boilerplate/css folder inside of /layouts. I moved it to /css so that I can edit the stylesheets through the GUI. Will it be possible to configure elefant.json to do something similar automatically when I build my theme?

  • The designer app should find css files in the layouts folder too, but it looks like it's only going two levels deep, so it would find layouts/test/style.css but not layouts/test/css/style.css. I just pushed a fix that should solve that, so you shouldn't have to move them into the css folder.

  • Thanks.

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