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Proposed tweak to apps/designer/views/edit/stylesheet.html

edited April 2013 in Design

Tweak to use the default layout from conf/config.php when previewing css changes.

Line 15 before: <option value="{{ loop_value }}"{% if loop_value == 'default' %} selected{% end %}>{{ loop_value }}</option> Line 15 after: <option value="{{ loop_value }}"{% if $data->loop_value == Conf('General', 'default_layout') %} selected{% end %}>{{ loop_value }}</option>

(Change loop_value to $data->loop_value; change 'default' to Conf('General', 'default_layout'))

Line 17 before: <iframe src="/designer/csspreview?layout=default&css=...

Line 17 after: <iframe src="/designer/csspreview?layout={{ Conf('General', 'default_layout') }}&css=...

(Change layout=default to layout={{ Conf('General', 'default_layout') }})


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