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Allow apps to add to redactor link options

edited April 2013 in Apps

I like the way redactor lets you choose Page | URL | Email when you add a link. How hard would it be to let apps add their own options like sitemaps now does? ie, something like Page | Event | Property | URL | Email


  • I was thinking about this before, mostly of adding them to the pages dropdown, but that that would get unwieldy pretty quickly. I like the idea of extending the list of tabs though! I think that would be fairly straight-forward to add.

    Apps could provide a config setting like this:

    wywisyg_links = "Event::wysiwyg_links"

    Then the admin/wysiwyg/links handler could be modified to look for these and compile a list of links from all apps, then update the links plugin for Redactor to display them as tabs in the dialog.

    Added an issue on Github to keep track of this:

  • Looks good.

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