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New Elefant 0.9.13-RC, hopefully last release before 1.0!

edited October 2011 in Announcements

Download link:

There are a few changes of note:

  • The conf/*.php scripts are merged into one ./conf/elefant utility.
  • Improved CSRF prevention (automatic for all forms) in Form.
  • Added easier HTTPS handling methods to Controller.
  • Removed $template property from Page, now it's just $layout.
  • Improved database support (replication works, with writes going to master and reads going to a random slave).
  • Added headless browser tests using zombie.js.

Also updated all the documentation with the latest changes and ensured everything is consistent and accurate.


  • Spoke too soon... 0.9.14-rc out to fix a MySQL install issue that crept into 0.9.13 (oh you pesky newlines that get cut off after closing PHP tags...)

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