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FYI: Redactor and DIV tags

edited March 2013 in Apps

Looks like there are a bug in the Redactor - DIV tags in edited text are allowed but not processed correctly. Just examples:


will be converted to


by the Redactor (that's correct if convertDivs is enabled (by default)).


will be converted to



  • Well.. there are regular expression issue. I think the best fix right now is to disable this conversion in apps\admin\views\util\wysiwyg.html - set convertDivs option to false.

  • I'll check it out. Looks like there's a Redactor update available too, although I can't seem to find a change log anywhere...

  • Found the log, first link on the left in their docs haha

    I think I've got a fix for this too. Gonna submit it to the Redactor folks now.

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