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lost admin access

edited March 2013 in Announcements

OK I did a stupid thing and tried to update my setup by just copying 1.3.3 over the top & now I lost my admin access to the site! I changed the email address in /conf/config.php back to mine but I'm still not able in to login. Obviously I have full ftp access but is there a way to reset the admin user/password without a full wipe & re-install ?



  • What database are you using? If you're on SQLite, the database is in the file conf/site.db, which you'll need to restore. The user account info is stored in the database.

    If it's not SQLite, one other thing to make sure is that the database prefix is set correctly in conf/config.php. In newer installs, the prefix is elefant_ by default, but in an older install it may need to be blank.

    This prefix is added to database table names so user becomes elefant_user or mycustomprefix_user depending on what you enter in the installer.

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