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issue codemirror

edited March 2013 in Design

Just dropped a clean install on my server and codemirror at is pushed to the right. This issue doesn't occur when editing a layout just editing stylesheets, I can't work out what the issue is.

I can send you a login to view if required just not posting here.

Your help is most appreciated


  • Found the issue its only happening on the minified css, this can't be a browser issue as it shows perfectly on the elefant websites demo. On my install there is no horizontal scroll bar on codemirror.

  • Ah yes, I'm seeing it too. Might be a line wrapping issue... Thanks for the head's up!

  • Thank you @Jbroadway, :)

    Without starting a new thread,

    adding foundation 4 as bootstrap is a bit of a wp, like killing an ant with an anvil.

    So what are your thoughts on using a scrollable reveal modal to display instead of fancybox and the grid as opposed to the current table system for displaying pages, design etc for a fully scalable admin or am I off the ball.

    Also removing codemirror? As @shortj mentioned earlier stopping clients from sabotaging their own site is key.

    non training wheels but bound to skin my knees on the back end changes.

    Cheers Selwyn

  • These are both things I'd definitely like to see, although I think for now I better mark the current version as feature-complete and get a beta out so we can get testing/stabilizing for Elefant 2. Otherwise at the rate I'm going it'll just go on forever :P

    I think adding responsive support in the admin UI and more access control (so you can disable the Designer app for non-designers) should be big parts of the next version after that. Although, they could both be started on now in their own branches.

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