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maximum levels of urlpath



  • Strange, your tree looks similar to mine. Here's mine for comparison:

    Site tree:,PQmlzWy#1

    The various navigation handlers:,PQmlzWy#0

    I'm on the Menu Test page, so the breadcrumb and contextual nav have something to show. When I turn multilingual off, navigation/top shows English and Français as expected, and the contextual, breadcrumb, and map adjust accordingly as well. All the links seem to be correct as well.

  • Hi Johnny,

    the difference is that you don't have links to the homepages :-) so you can't reach /en or /fr

    Cheers Betaman

  • Do you think we need a separate navigation/languages handler that displays the languages then?

    I don't think they belong in the other handlers, because those should show the logical structure for the current language when multilingual is on, for the same reason that {! navigation/top !} essentially becomes {! navigation/section?section=[i18n.language] !} when multilingual is turned on. Or am I getting confused? ;)

    Btw, I just merged the Redactor branch into master!

  • @jbroadway said: Btw, I just merged the Redactor branch into master!


  • I think we could offer a navigation/language, I mean hey, why not?

    I'm not sure if you are confused, though :-) Just to clarify: In navigation/contextual, navigation/map and navigation/topthere are no links to /en or /fr (but I think there should be)

    Btw, Awesome. I'll check the new master :-D

  • I would think the languages should not be included in those handlers, otherwise setting multilingual on only means navigation/top starts acting like navigation/section?section=[i18n.language]. Shouldn't the navigation be specific to the current language, and language selection should be separate from that?

    I added a new navigation/languages handler. It also handles language switching when negotiation_method is set to subdomain or cookie as well, so it works in all cases. And I added a "Multilingual Homepage Redirect" to the dynamic objects, to make it more obvious and ensure correct behaviour for new Elefant users setting up multilingual sites.

  • I thought in a multilingual setup en/ would be the representation of index for the english language (aka the Startscreen), but of course the redirect is also an option and simplifiers the handlers :-) Putting in the homepage redirects is a good idea.

    Great, that this is finally comming to an end :-)

    I fear you got a grey hair for every 'maximum levels of urlpath' post

    Have a nice Weekend..

  • Haha no grey hairs quite yet, although my girlfriend teases me that they're coming soon :P

    Have a nice weekend too! I might even take a break from coding, now that we've hit a milestone with this and the wysiwyg editor :)

    Plus my piano is getting tuned today, so I better start practicing again!

  • Yeah, take a break you deserve it. And switch keyboards so your joints don't get rusty :-)

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