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Error installing sitemaps

edited March 2013 in Apps

Not sure if this is related to the other installer issues I've been having. Trying to install sitemaps from and I get this: "Github installation failed: Verification failed: Invalid folder name."


  • It looks like this was happening because the sitemaps app folder is actually named sitemap.xml so that it resolves at the URL /sitemap.xml Just pushed a new commit that fixes it:

  • So if I load the URL /sitemap.xml, I should see a sitemap, right? I'm getting this:

    PHP Parse error:  syntax error, unexpected 'version' (T_STRING) in /path/to/cache/sitemap.xml-index.php on line 1

    Here's the cache file:

    <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
    <urlset xmlns="">
    <?php foreach ($data->urls as $data->loop_index => $data->loop_value) { ?>
                    <loc>http://<?php echo Template::sanitize ($_SERVER['HTTP_HOST'], 'UTF-8'); ?><?php echo Template::sanitize ($data->loop_value, 'UTF-8'); ?></loc>
    <?php } ?>
  • edited March 2013
  • I read your README and saw the note about short open tags. Changing that fixed it for me and now jbroadway's version works.

    What are the differences in your fork?

  • In my local project: 1) I renamed sitemaps to sitemap.xml, 2) I added some extra checks (e.g. look at changes in handlers/admin.php)

  • When I try to install yours using the github link, I get "The link appears to be invalid." I think that may be an installer issue. Using the zipfile works fine.

    Is there a way for an app to register URLs with the sitemap handler? My listings app creates individual pages for each property and I would like them to show up in the site map.

  • twheel, look inside sitemap.xml\handlers\index.php You can add 4-5 lines of code to support your property urls.

  • OK, done. How do I stop it from getting overwritten when the app is updated?

  • Hmm, it would be good to provide a way for other apps to hook into the sitemap... Maybe if each app's config.php had a sitemap = "blog\Post::sitemap" line in the [Admin] section, it could auto-discover them and call that method for a list of URLs to add to the map.

  • Okay, it's in! Check out the updated readme for an example of how to integrate URLs from any app:


  • Thanks! Wow, ask and ye shall receive! I'll check it out.

  • Works great.

  • Good to hear! :)

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