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Embedded gallery questions

edited April 2013 in Design

Sometimes clicking on the thumbnails in the embedded gallery produces a lightbox-style popup; other times it doesn't. I can't figure out if it's a cache issue or what. Is there a way to turn that off?


  • The lightbox should work on all of them, and I don't believe there's a disable option since then you wouldn't be able to see the full-size image. Is there anything showing up in your browser's console output when it doesn't work? Could be a js issue.

  • I'll check, but what I really want is for it not to work, ie no popup (but still see full-size). Basically just swap the large image on the page. I guess the best way to achieve that would be to copy the filemanager gallery handler and hack it.

  • Are you using the colorbox (which is new in the latest github version) or do you still have the fancybox? I just tested the gallery on latest github version windows in ff ie and chrome and it works as expected in embedded mode (there is no lightbox and the big image swaps)

  • I'm using the github version as of yesterday. Linux FF; haven't tested elsewhere. I just cleared cache and retried. One page works as you describe and the others have the popup. No javascript warnings either place.

  • Do you have more than one Gallery on your page? Because if you select embedded, the lightbox shouldn't be included alltogether:

  • Sent you a pm with urls.

  • You're right -- it was more than one gallery. Thanks!

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