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Just added plain text and image editing to the file manager

edited October 2012 in Future

I've been wanting a simple way to edit text files as well as make minor image edits once they've been uploaded to an Elefant site. With my last commits to the master branch, the file manager will now let you edit text files (txt, html, markdown, csv, css, js, etc) directly in the browser, and if you enter an API key from Aviary it will also let you edit images through their service as well. Aviary lets you do all the basics like rotate, crop and enhance, as well as fancy stuff like applying filters. Yay for filters! :)


  • I'm trying to get the aviary editor to work. I added a key to apps/filemanager/conf/config.php and now there's a link to edit images in the file manager. When I click edit, the aviary palette pops up but before the image to be edited appears, the palette disappears. No javascript errors that I can see.

  • Is your site on a public domain or your local workstation? I just tested on a public site and it should be working, although it isn't able to pull an image off of a web server that's not on the public internet.

    Another thing, not sure if it's necessary but in creating my app in Aviary, I entered my site's URL ( as the app name.

  • Ah, OK, I didn't realize how it worked. Yes, I was trying locally. Thanks.

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