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How to make admin css match front-end

edited February 2013 in Design

What's the best way to make it so that the css in the editor matches the css on the front end? I edited css/style.css, but now the view in the admin side doesn't match the actual site. Example: front end: ; back end:


  • Can you post the HTML from the wysiwyg editor?

    In the current editor, the CSS used in the editor is in css/wysiwyg/default.css but once that's replaced with Redactor, it'll be a combination of apps/admin/js/redactor/redactor.css and apps/admin/js/redactor/custom.css.

  • Can you post the HTML from the wysiwyg editor?

    <div id="our-team">

    Then in the css:

    div#our-team p {
      clear: left;
    div#our-team p img {
      border: 2px solid #ccc;
      box-shadow: 5px 5px 5px #888888;
      margin-right: 10px;
      margin-bottom: 10px;
  • It looks like you'd need to add div#our-team p { clear: left; } to css/wysiwyg/default.css, or you could enter a few empty paragraphs to force the images to appear one after another, like this:

  • I added it and it works, thanks.

    I was wondering if there was some way both the front end and the back end could include the same css file so I wouldn't have to remember to do any updates twice.

  • To save having to make updates twice, I made a file with my tweaks and am using @import url(/css/tweaks.css); in both /css/style.css and /css/wysiwyg/default.css

  • Assetic doesn't pull in the @imported file. Not sure if that's an assetic issue or a yuicompressor one.

  • Looks like YUI Compressor is being deprecated in favour of UglifyJS and CSSMin. I've marked it in my to-do list to update the app:

    Although I'm not sure yet whether CSSMin supports @import either.

  • Having some trouble with this using Redactor. I have the content of the page wrapped in <div id="our-team">, but that's getting stripped.

  • I think this relates to Redactor's convertDivs setting, which converts divs into <p> tags in the editor. There were other issues with this setting already mentioned on here, so I think turning that off may be the best solution.

    I see that there's also a Redactor update just released today, so I'll change that setting and do the upgrade at the same time.

  • Just pushed the fix for this :)

  • Thanks!

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