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dynamically change "visible" property

edited February 2013 in Apps

I would like to dynamically change the property "visible" (based on the user name) of certain elements (eg file manager) of the editor toolbar in the file: /apps/admin/views/wysiwyg.html

How can I do this?



  • Right now, you would have to add a condition around it in the file you mentioned, like this:

    {% if User::val('id') == 1 %}
        <!-- show me to user 1 -->
    {% end %}

    The controls: {} list is what defines the available buttons in the editor. Note that we're in the process of replacing the wysiwyg editor in the 1.3.x releases for Elefant 2. The new one will use the same file for its initializations, but the code will be different (and likely simpler :)).

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