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limiting menu access

edited January 2013 in Apps

I would like to restrict access to menu items (or just hide them) to a limited admin user type. This, for example, might see only Posts and Users.

How can I do?


  • What I usually do is create a block for a secondary menu to live in and just build it as a bulleted list in the block editor. Then I limit its access under Extra Options in the block edit form. You can then style the list via CSS to match the site.

  • I'm afraid I did not understand.

    I created a menu accessible only to the user "manager" and in this I have added links to pages that it should use (All Pages, Users, Navigation) but the user "manager" is unauthorized to open them.

    I would not give "admin" privileges to the user "manager".

  • Ah, now I understand what you mean. I'm afraid Elefant's admin tools are currently accessible to all admin users. There's no fine-grained access control for admins yet, only the for pages, blocks, etc. on the front-end of a site. It is something we plan to add in a future version, but haven't had a chance to solve yet.

  • It would be enough for me to hide the admin bar if the user name is different from...

    Could that be done in the layout?

  • I've put together an example of how that could be done:

    This could be extended to be easier to use (adding a UI to edit the list for each role, for example), but it should be enough to get it working.

  • Thank you very much for your great work and the equally great support.

    Whereas the poor man must be able to manage users I made ​​a small change to what you suggested. Rather than use the role I just check the admin name and make visible the full admin only to himself.

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