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Tools > Users > Custom Field > Add Field

edited February 2013 in Apps

Add Field seems to do nothing.

I'm using v1.3.3 (master from Github).

Is the forum the right place to report this?


  • Hmm, this seems to be working for me. What browser are you using? And do you see any JavaScript errors in the browser (in Chrome: View > Developer > JavaScript Console, in Firefox: Tools > Web Developer > Error Console)?

  • Thank you, found!

    The translation of "Field order has been updated." contained an apostrophe (single quote in italian keyboard), and this generated a Javascript error.

    I tried putting a backslash (\')but it is useless.

    I think it is advisable to filter the double backslash + single quote in translation because if inserted corrupts the language file generating an "internal server error".

  • Ah yes, that text ends up in a single-quoted JavaScript string. I just posted a fix that should help. It translates any single-quote into an ' when they're stored, so that should help it avoid that problem now.

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