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Elefant Extreme Makeover

edited February 2013 in Design

I've just revamped the Elefant logo to use a purple that stands out more, and fitting it into the Elefant toolbar meant a bigger change to the overall admin theme than I expected, but I'm pretty happy with the results:

Elefant CMS 2.0 Extreme Makeover

There are still some tweaks to be made, but the results so far are available in the latest Github master branch, so feel free to give it a spin, and be sure to let me know what you think! :)


  • edited February 2013

    My first impression: It looks nice on a page like yours. With white background and no logo in the upper left. But if you would have a page with a red background or a logo on the Upper left things could colide...

    Although the trunk stickig into the page gives a nice twist to the Layout, it might not be neutral enough..

    But i like the brighter color of the Topbar and the edit buttons.. I see some redactor shining through...

  • edited February 2013

    Hi Johnny,

    I just got the newest master and the new makeover looks real nice. Since I got a 1920px Screen the elefant is pretty far to the left, what is good because its not interfering with the page itself. The edit icons look much crisper. Tonight I'll have a closer look at it, and I'm really looking forward to it..

    Cheers Betaman

  • Thanks!

    I tried the new graphic on a variety of backgrounds and it seems to work pretty well for most, and isn't bad enough to be a problem on the others. It goes 14px over the toolbar, but the Elefant admin toolbar adds a 30px padding to the body to guard against it covering anything important, to be on the safe side.

    Also, check out the new drag & drop support in Tools > Files when you have a chance. You can now drag files and folders onto other folders to move them, or onto the title breadcrumb links to move them to parent folders :)

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