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links on slideshow

edited January 2013 in Apps

How can I assign a link to each slide in the slideshow?

Would be difficult to use a different PHP slideshow?


  • The built-in slideshow is very simple and just reads a folder for the files it should include, so it doesn't have a way to specify links for the images. However, you could create a custom slideshow handler with links like this:

    1. Create a file named apps/myapp/handlers/slideshow.php with the following code. This is where you specify the list of images and links.

    // Edit the list of images and links here
    $files = array (
        '/files/homepage/photo1.jpg' => '/link-to-here',
        '/files/homepage/photo2.jpg' => '/another-link'
    $page->add_script ('/apps/filemanager/js/jquery.cycle.all.min.js');
    echo $tpl->render ('myapp/slideshow', array ('files' => $files));

    2. Create the view template to render the slideshow, named apps/myapp/views/slideshow.html with the following code (based on the built-in slideshow code).

    $(function () {
        $('#my-slideshow').cycle ({
            fx: 'fade',
            pager: '#my-slideshow-nav',
            timeout: 6000
    #my-slideshow-nav {
        margin-left: 48%;
        margin-top: 10px;
    #my-slideshow-nav a {
        display: block;
        width: 10px;
        height: 10px;
        background: url(/apps/filemanager/css/notcurrent.png) no-repeat;
        float: left;
        text-indent: -9999px;
        border: 0;
        margin-right: 3px;
        text-decoration: none;
    #my-slideshow-nav a.activeSlide {
        background: url(/apps/filemanager/css/current.png) no-repeat;
    <div id="my-slideshow">
    {% foreach files as file, link %}
        <a href="{{ link }}"><img src="{{ file }}" style="display: none" /></a>
    {% end %}
    <div id="my-slideshow-nav"></div>
    <br style="clear: both" />

    3. Create a file named apps/myapp/conf/embed.php with the following settings. This tells Elefant to make your custom slideshow handler available through Elefant's dynamic objects menu in the wysiwyg editor.

    ; <?php /*
    label = "My Custom Slideshow"
    icon = picture
    ; */ ?>

    In place of step 3, you can also embed your new slideshow into the design template with the tag {! myapp/slideshow !} just like the built-in slideshow is included in the default template.

    Anyway, let me know how it goes!

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