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Italian translation available


  • Thank you.

    I made a few typos, and I would add translations for apps which gradually translate.

    I have to do something so that changes and additions are shared?

  • There are two ways to share translations. The easiest is to simply paste the contents of your updated translation file (e.g., lang/it.php) into like you did before.

    The second is to fork the project on Github, edit the file, then submit a pull request for me to merge it back into the project. This is actually pretty easy to do now with Github's new in-browser editor. Here's how:

    1. Browse to the file you want to edit, e.g.,
    2. Click the Edit button. This will automatically fork a copy of the project for you.
    3. Make your edits to the file, then add a commit summary message at the bottom and click Commit Changes.
    4. Click the Pull Request button at the top of the page to submit the changes back to the main project.
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