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New file browser for app developers

edited January 2013 in Apps

I've been running into the need for a file browser for particular apps lately, not just in the wysiwyg editor, so I extended the admin/util/modal handler that provides the $.open_dialog() and $.close_dialog() wrappers around the jQuery SimpleModal plugin. The result is a new handler filemanager/util/browser that initializes a $.filebrowser() method that opens a file browser dialog.

Here's a quick example of a complete view template that implements a thumbnail browser (note: the callback is optional since the set_value option is sufficient here, but I wanted to show both options):

{! filemanager/util/browser !}

<input type="text" id="file" size="30" />
<input type="submit" id="browse" value="Browse" />

$(function () {
    $('#browse').click (function () {
        $.filebrowser ({
            allowed: ['jpg', 'jpeg', 'gif', 'png'],
            callback: function (file) {
                console.log (file);
            set_value: '#file',
            title: '{"Choose an image"}',
            thumbs: true

Still on the to-do list is upload support from within the dialog :)


  • Drag and drop multi-file uploads are now supported through the filemanager/util/browser file dialog, thanks to jquery-filedrop. Tested in Chrome, Firefox and Safari so far (IE won't do the drag & drop, but I'll be testing that the form-based upload will work instead).

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