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Can anyone help me in installing elefantcms

edited January 2013 in Install Help

i have done successfully till getting two files i.e, .htaccess, subfolder.php.. After that i'm unable to do it

help me


  • Hi jithin,

    It sounds like you may not have access to the command line (SSH) on your host. You will need to use SSH instead of FTP for the last step, which goes roughly like this (this is step 5 here)

    (enter password)
    cd public_html
    ./elefant install

    That will log into your host via SSH, move you into the website folder (it may be called www or html instead of public_html), and run the installer. The installer will output something like the following:

    Database created. Your initial admin account is:
    Password: ********

    If you don't have SSH access, your best bet is to create a subdomain on your host and install it there, which will let you use the web installer instead of ssh.

    Hope that helps!

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