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edited January 2013 in Apps


i have installed the Formbuilder App and its working nicly, but...

I have a bilingual website and made two forms - one for the englsh and one for the german contact page. The one on the german page is working fine, the one on the english page does work well for form validation and redirecting to thankyou page , but doesn't send the mail. When I put the first form on the english page it's working. ( So it cant be the language )

So I suspected, that there might be a bug with having more than one form. Have you made pages with more than one form? Or do you have any Idea what else could be the problem?

Apart from this, I hope you had a good start into 2013 and a nice party to finish the old year up .-)

By the way have you looked into this? And if yes what do you think about it?

Cheers betaman


  • I just tried it out over here and it seems to send for multiple forms. I would double-check your values in the Actions tab for both forms and make sure they're the same, and we can try debugging from there. The handling logic is in apps/form/handlers/index.php in a foreach loop around line 55.

  • Its really strange: The problem does not occur when I comment the redirect case in line 88 apps/form/handlers/index.php :

    case 'redirect':
    //$this->redirect ($action->url);

    It might have sth todo wit me using the negotiation_method = url

    I redirect to page /de/kontakt/danke in german (form-1) and /en/contact/thank-you in english (form-2)

    For now I stick with the outcommented redirect. But maybe you can check if you can reproduce the error with this info.

    Cheers betaman

  • It sounds like the redirect is exiting before the other actions are being performed. Here's a patch that may fix it:

    Let me know if that works for you!

  • Great job @Johnny. Now it works like a charm :-) Thanks for the help..

  • Glad to hear! :)

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