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best practice for customizing apps

edited December 2012 in Apps


whats best practice for customizing apps?

Say i want to want a gallery, other then the one in apps/filemanger so I could put an new handler in apps/filemanger/handlers/ and put some js and css and so one, but...

What happens when i want to update to the next version (e.g. the one with the redactor)? What's your recommendation for adding your personal things to existing apps?

Best regards betaman


  • For these types of things, I would just create a new app and put my custom gallery in there. It's easy to make a custom handler available in the dynamic objects menu, and you could even start by duplicating the built-in gallery handler and tweaking it. The built-in handler is only a simple default though, not a full-fledged gallery manager, although it does have an image resizer available already :)

  • I see. And in the new app (eg apps/custom_gallery/handler/index.php I would use require_once ('apps/filemanager/lib/Functions.php'); to generate thumbnails..

    Thanks for now I'll give that a try..

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