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Tools --> Languages --> Settings gives this error

edited December 2012 in Framework

Not sure why this started but I get this when clicking on settings for one of the languages.

RuntimeException: Template not found: translator/settings/ Template->render ("translator/settings/", stdClass)


  1. $page->add_script ('/js/jquery.verify_values.js');
  2. if ($this->js_validation) {
  3. return $tpl->render ('admin/default-validation', $o) . $tpl->render ($this->view, $o);
  4. }
  5. return $tpl->render ($this->view, $o); Form->handle (Closure)


  1. $form->controller->add_notification (i18n_get ('Language updated.'));
  2. $form->controller->redirect ('/translator/index');
  3. });
  4. ?> require ("/apps/translator/handlers/settings.php")


  1. // Run the handler and get its output
  2. ob_start ();
  3. require ($handler);
  4. $out = ob_get_clean ();
  5. Controller->handle ("apps/translator/handlers/settings.php", false)


  1. $handler = $controller->route ($_SERVER['REQUEST_URI']);
  2. }
  3. $page->body = $controller->handle ($handler, false);
  4. /**


  • Okay...awesome. I just posted in the other discussion. Sorry. So how do I properly use github in order to do the update? Because I typically grab all the folders except conf and upload and overwrite to my site.

  • I manually made the change and removed the / and now it works great! Good catch. Must have been one of those late nights of coding. :-) I can see how that happened. Thanks for the fix!

  • To use Github, you would usually type git pull origin master on the command line, which says "pull the latest changes from the master branch on origin" where origin is an alias for "git://".

    You might have an easier time with one of the desktop apps for it though:

    These can help so you don't have to type or even remember which commands to type all the time.

  • I have the desktop version installed but never could figure out where the pull button was. lol. I recently wiped out my Macbook Pro and put Linux on it as well so not running OS X anymore. Will do it using terminal. Wish me luck.

  • edited December 2012

    fatal: Not a git repository (or any of the parent directories): .git is what I get when i type in git pull origin master or git pull git://

    Also...why doesn't my fork of elefant show the changes you made 3 hours ago? It only shows things from 7 months ago but tells me its the most up to date?

  • I have cloned mtech/elefant and checked the index file you fixed today, apparently my fork of elefant is not updating as the / was still before the ? What I don't understand is why on github are the forks not updating from the origins? Is there something I need to do?

  • When you fork a repository, it creates a complete independent clone of it for you to work with. So you have to tell your fork about the original "remote" like this first:

    git remote add --track master elefant git://

    Once you've done this the first time, from now on you can fetch the latest updates from the original project like this:

    git fetch elefant
    git merge elefant/master

    This merges the updates into your local copy. You'll still need to do a git push origin master to push them to your Github fork online too. It takes getting used to Git and how it treats each copy as a complete repository on its own that can fetch and push updates to other Git repositories too, especially since it's all done fairly manually.

  • I figured out most of it from reading last night...but what I am having trouble doing right now is pulling the updates from elefant. I did a set-url origin git:// since my forked one isn't updating and when I do a git pull origin master, I get the message below. Is it because I fixed the local file on my computer?

    Updating d4e83f2..e7d0831 error: Your local changes to the following files would be overwritten by merge: apps/blocks/handlers/index.php Please, commit your changes or stash them before you can merge. Aborting

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