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Elefant 1.1.3-Beta released

edited February 2012 in Announcements

I just posted a new 1.1.3-Beta update with the following changes/fixes:

  • Improved translation builder coverage
  • Install folder no longer has to be writeable
  • Themes can now be self-contained in subfolders of layouts
  • Better error handling in MongoManager
  • Web installer can now be translated
  • WYSIWYG editor is now translated as well
  • Language now determined by Accept-Language header by default
  • Password hashing now uses Blowfish by default
  • ExtendedModel for arbitrary properties now used on User and blog\Post models
  • Fixes to blog importers

Please test it out and report any bugs here or in the Issues on Github. The next release will likely be a release candidate for Elefant 1.2.

You can grab the latest release here:


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