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Fundraising for a better editor!

edited October 2012 in Announcements

Help us raise $399 to buy an OEM license of Redactor that will allow us to use it as Elefant's core editor:

And big thanks to those who have donated already! :)


  • We're over the halfway point! Thanks so much to everyone who's pledged so far!

  • My boss just agreed to fund the remainder of the license, so I've gone ahead and purchased an OEM Redactor license. I'm off in 15 minutes, but I'll set up a new branch for this later tonight or tomorrow. Woohoo!

  • Congratulations, you succeeded!

  • Thanks!

    Just setup a branch on github with Redactor added:

    Now the fun part of replacing jWysiwyg :)

  • Nice!

    When the new version will be released? This could include new editor in it, and other things of course. You must already be planning how the new version? What needs to be done, etc.?

  • I'm thinking I'll put out a new beta next week, since there are lots of changes from the last one already, but the new editor won't likely be ready in time for that. But it shouldn't be too hard to integrate, so mostly likely the beta after that will have it too.

    These are the last pieces to go into the next major version, so once these betas become stable, we'll be calling it Elefant 2.0 :)

  • Thats absolutly great. I'm really looking forward to the new Editor... If I can help ping me..

  • Awesome J. Looking forward to it.

  • Thanks guys! And @betaman, I'm sure I'll be divvying up the integration work. I haven't had a chance to touch it yet, but the Redactor docs make it look so easy :)

  • Had to look up dyvving :-)

    tr.v. div·vied, div·vy·ing, div·vies To divide. Often used with up: divvied up the loot.

    I'm looking forward to get some redactor loot...

  • Haha definitely :)

  • How is this coming? I have a new project that would benefit a ton from implementing redactor.

  • Redactor is included but not enabled as the default editor yet. I've finished recreating the dynamic objects, image chooser, and file chooser dialogs so they're no longer dependent on jWysiwyg and can be plugged into Redactor or anywhere else.

    Last week the first beta of Redactor 9 was released, which is supposed to have resolved a couple limitations that were keeping it from being integrated into Elefant in all the ways we would want. So now I just need a bit of time to test and start the integration up again. Hopefully next week sometime :)

  • If you want to use Redactor now in a custom context, here's how you can load it up in the latest Elefant master:

    $page->add_style ('/apps/admin/js/redactor/redactor.css');
    $page->add_script ('/apps/admin/js/redactor/redactor.min.js');
    echo $tpl->render ('myapp/some_view');

    And in the view template:

    <textarea class="wysiwyg"></textarea>
    $(function () {
        $('.wysiwyg').redactor ();
  • Awesome. Exactly what I needed.

  • In the full Redactor-ized release, the initialization part will simply be:

    {! admin/util/wysiwyg !}

    Which will also load the custom dynamic objects and image/file browser plugins so they're automatically in there too, but that still calls the old editor atm...

  • I found a bit of time and managed to make some good progress on the Redactor integration in the last couple days, which is now sitting in the redactor branch on Github. Elefant's new file and thumbnail browsers are already fully integrated with it.

    The dynamic objects menu is partially working, but the click-to-edit is broken. I emailed their support again with more detail and should hear back tomorrow.

    After that, there's some styling to do, integrating an internal links list, and more testing since this is Redactor's new beta too. But we're closer! :)

  • That's awesome ;-)

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