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if the home page is not the Elefant's home

edited October 2013 in Framework

I had to add a splash page (say index.html) through which you access to the Elefant's home; unfortunately the "home" button in the Elefant's menu goes to the splash page, but I would like it goes to the Elefant's home (index.php). Is that possible? Thanks.


  • You would have to link explicitly to /index because links to / will hit the index.html instead. Alternately, if it's just a splash page you could add a couple lines of Javascript to the index.html file to redirect if the referrer is an internal page. Something like this should work:

    function redirect_interal () {
        var ref = document.referrer.split ('/'),
            loc = window.location.href.split ('/'),
            refhost = typeof (ref[2]) != 'undefined' ? ref[2] : false,
            lochost = typeof (loc[2]) != 'undefined' ? loc[2] : false;
        if (refhost == lochost) {
            window.location.href = '/index';
    <body onload="redirect_interal()"></body>
  • Thank you.

    Wanting to implement the first solution, how can I explicitly link home to /index?

  • Since the built-in navigation all renders links to /index as just /, it would take a bit of customization. The easiest way would be to write a filter for ="/" and replace it with ="/index" like this:

    echo str_replace ('="/"', '="/index"', $this->data['html']);

    Save this to a file such as apps/mysite/handlers/indexfilter.php, then add this line to the [Hooks] section in conf/config.php:

    page/render[] = mysite/indexfilter

    This tells Elefant to call your mysite/indexfilter handler to transform the final HTML output before sending it to the user. page/render is the name of the hook that triggers your handler. Elefant passes the HTML to the handler as $this->data['html'].

    Hope that helps!

  • As always your support exceeds expectations. Thank you very much.

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