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My friends just launched a Kickstarter - one of the first in Canada!

edited September 2013 in Announcements

Just wanted to share because some friends of mine are doing something really cool, making an interactive floor projector for kids!

Here's the Kickstarter page:

This transforms a kid's room into an interactive environment, and even teaches them to make their own games. I can also see this being a really cool thing for events, parties, even care homes, etc.

Anyway, had to share. This is super cool. Go check it out :)

Cheers, Johnny


  • That's really cool J! Bravo.

  • Seems cool and interesting!

  • Very interesting, thank you! I will show it to the director of the natural history museum of my town, which often has to keep at bay hordes of children. :)

  • Thanks @alpi, in the end their kickstarter didn't succeed but they did strike a deal with to sell them, and have secured outside funding so the project is getting made in any case! The website after the kickstarter ends will be

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