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embed custom handler in a page

edited September 2013 in Apps

I inserted a page in the menu that performs a redirect to a custom app's handler.

I would like that the menu item remains active after the redirect.

Is it possible to embed a hanlder of a custom app in a page?


  • You can solve it in a couple different ways.

    1) You can make the handler available in the Dynamic Objects dialog in the wysiwyg editor. Then they wouldn't be redirected, but the dynamic functionality would just be embedded into the page itself. Here's the info on doing that:

    2) You can add a $page->id = 'pageid'; (where pageid is the ID of the redirecting page) to your custom handler and it should fool the navigation into thinking it's really that page.

    3) If you name the handler apps/myapp/handlers/index.php so it's the default handler for your app, you can tell Elefant to include it as a "virtual page" in the navigation tree. The Blog app does this, for example.

    To do this, make sure your app's conf/config.php has a title attribute set to what you want the page name to be in the navigation, and add a include_in_nav = On to the file as well.

    With #3, you don't need a page redirect at all because the navigation will link directly to the handler, e.g., /myapp.

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